Elan Head Teachers   Work location:Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan

Nature of work:Full time


Minimum degree:

Category:Elan Head Teachers



· Deliver high quality literature and writing classes to elementary students

· Interview potential incoming staff

· Train incoming teachers

· Supervise, assess and maintain teaching quality for all teachers

· Oversee, approve and liaise with CM regarding student placement

· Enhance and develop lesson plans and curriculum

· Implement marketing activities and promotions

· Customer relationship support

· Regular meetings with Teacher Manager

· Uphold professional behavior and etiquette



Head Teachers at élan manage and supervise small groups of foreign staff members within their flagship élan learning center. They engage in all aspects of the teaching process and are expected to lead by example and endorse professionalism at all times. They will be involved in center-related marketing activities and ensure quality is maintained within their teaching staff and curriculum.

Resume delivery:
Beijing HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn
Shanghai HR:teshhr@time-edu.cn
Shenzhen HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn
Foshan HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn