élan Senior Teachers   Work location:Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan

Nature of work:Full time


Minimum degree:Bachelor's Degree

Category:élan Senior Teachers



Deliver high quality literature and writing classes to elementary students

Discern the structure of the day’s lesson plan

Issue and explain homework assignments

Prepare all printouts required for the session (quizzes, handouts, homework sheets etc.)

Assist in marketing activities and promotions

Liaise with Head Teacher/Teacher Manager

Write student assessment reports

Undertake regular library coaching duties

Uphold professional behavior and etiquette



Senior Teachers at élan are expected to maintain professionalism and reinforce the high quality and standard that is expected of all employees of Time Education. Teachers should do their utmost to cultivate an atmosphere of distinction throughout all of the school’s operations and strive to offer a consistently challenging classroom environment for students. élan Teachers should ensure that their teaching methodology is congruent with élan’s philosophy and goals.

Resume delivery:
Beijing HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn
Shanghai HR:teshhr@time-edu.cn
Shenzhen HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn
Foshan HR:gao.joy@time-edu.cn