Special "English Gym"

élan Library is a guided independent reading program designed to make students become independent readers while furthering their joy of reading.

An independent reader is a student who improves his or her comprehension skills and is able to, over time, read harder and harder books with limited help from a teacher (even when outside of our program).


So at élan, improving comprehension comes first.  Everything in our guided independent reading program — quizzes, prizes, interviews, book reports, everything—is there to improve students’ comprehension abilities.

English Guided Reading Program

élan combines the ELA(English Language Arts)system with the common reading test system in USA. The teachers here will give effective guide for reading according to the result of SR, and they also make the 1 to 1 reading plans for students. Students traind in the proper way of thinking and expressing will consistently thrive in competitive academic environments. As a result, joy and erudition become a part of uniform experience for these gifted students.