About élan

Elan schools are English learning centers that provide international enrichment programs for Chinese K-G6 local and international students. They are designed to improve students’ language skills, thinking skills, problem solving abilities and knowledge of global culture. Elan offers guided independent reading programs to students between the ages of 5-15. We promote independence with our extensive library program consisting of over 10,000 audiobooks and regular books, and complement this behavior with specialized literature and writing classes. Our programs will help students to become independent English readers and master English as a lifetime language skill, enabling them to enter the best high schools and universities later in the USA and elsewhere.

The first Elan school was opened in Seoul, Korea in 2008. Through its success, it has expanded and opened branches in numerous other cities including Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing since 2012. Elan opened its first school in China at Hongmei Road, Shanghai in March 2013.

We provide premium English training to K-6 students in China with the goal to nurture our students to become:

★ Enthusiastic Learners 

★ Confident Readers

★ Creative Writers

★ Effective Thinkers

★ Great Leaders





Operated by Time Education China Holdings Ltd.