élan Core Programs
Provide professional English training for students aged between 5-15

élan School adopts Whole Language Approach to create students opportunities to put the language they have acquired into affect. We are improving students’ language skills, thinking skills, problem solving abilities and knowledge of global culture.


  • Elan Program
  • Pre Elan Program
  • Early Reader Program

A course that offers a well rounded education in English comparable to literature classes in the USA.


Read different genres of literature each term.

Discuss the topics, issues and themes they encounter while reading. 

Express their ideas by presentations, essays and other creative works.  


Develop critical, analytical and creative thinking skills necessary for higher education.

International schools: Help students reach an USA standard of education.

Public schools: Help students gain  a more well-rounded English education.


  5-12 year-old students whose English Reading and writing Level  equivalent to or above the level of American students in the same grade.

A course designed to teach students the necessary English skills to succeed in Elan Literature.


Read 2-3 books a term and cover a variety of genres.

Improve core English skills -- reading fluency and vocabulary -- a pre-requisite for élan Literature.

Develop independent thinking skills.


Bridge the gap in their English skills to an élan level.

Have students able to read at their grade level.


 5-12 year-old students whose English Reading and writing Level lower than the level of American students in the same grade.

Set Early Reader Program for students between 5-8 years old. The main purpose is to help them master phonics, sight words and reading skills. This program includes ER1, ER2 and ER3.


Letter Sound of A-z

Learn Short Vowel, Long Vowels and Consonants

Story time: Listen to the stories

Learn Sight Words


Class forms: Play games; Sing songs; Tell stories and other abundant activities

Provide Take Home Books: According to reading books to help students review what they have learnt

Reading Space: Provide English books

English Reading: Start to learn reading independently; Read the simplest English books


5-8 years old

Understand the foreign teachers and communicate

Master the pronuciation of A-Z

élan Program is designed for non-native speakers. élan tries to create English speaking environment, encourage students to communicate and argue with each other, put forwards their ideas and understanding.